PRE – Low Sugar Pre-Workout Powder NSF for Sport Certified – 140mg Caffeine


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  • Why Vital Performance Pre: This is the only pre-workout on the market that contains collagen. Another performance game changer? The addition of citrulline, arginine and creatine – three types of nitric oxide producers that help increase blood flow during your workout.
  • Beneficial: This uniquely tailored pre-workout is packed with functional ingredients to help you conquer larger-than-life fitness goals. Collagen Peptides and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) work to support muscles and joints while creatine nitrate and elevATP support enhanced power output. Caffeine from Coffeeberry coffee fruit extract acts as an energy booster to keep you going strong.**
  • Functional Ingredients: BCAA – As three of the nine essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine – Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are involved in muscle protein synthesis. They help support protein and collagen synthesis.** CREATINE NITRATE AND ELEVATP – This pairing of ancient peat and apple polyphenols work together to help boost muscle strength and power output.** COFFEEBERRY FRUIT EXTRACT- Sourced from the fruit of the coffee arabica plant
  • Easily combine 2 scoops with 12 oz of liquid, mix thoroughly.
  • Dietary Compliant: Formula is made without gluten, dairy, soy or added sugars to support your dietary preferences.


Item Form Powder
Brand Vital Proteins
Ingredients Collagen Peptides (from bovine), 3:1:1 BCAA Blend (L-Lecine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), L-Citruline, Betaine anhydrous, Creatine Nitrate (NO3-T®), Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T®), N-acetyl-L-Carnitine, AlphaSize® (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline), elevATP® (ancient peat extract, apple fruit extract), Caffeine (from 200mg Coffeeberry® Energy coffee fruit extract), Natural flavors, Himalayan pink sea salt, monk fruit extract, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), citric acid, malic acid, fruit and vegetable juice powder (for color), niacinamide (Vitamin B3), D-calcium pantothenate (Vitamin B5), pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
Flavor Passionfruit
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