La Morena 606143 27 oz Jalapeno


Whole jalapeno peppers pickled in vinegar with onions and carrot slices Jalapenos the worlds most flavorful chiles constitute one of the most representative ingredients of mexican cuisine There are many different types of chiles but the most popular and most used in mexican cooking is the jalapeno Jalapenos can be added to anything to spice it up The fierceness does not detract from the flavor of food it enhances its nuances and tastes The jalapeno is conical in shape tapered at the tip more rounded than pointed Average measure 68 cm 23 inches in length and 35 cm 12 inches in diameter Intense green color smooth texture thick and meaty skin it is aromatic and has a pleasant green veggie flavor slightly biting The seeds and veins retain heat removing them will make the chile slightly less hot Features. Jalapeno whole. Pack of 6Specifications. Capacity 27 oz. Weight 1302 lbs



  • Jalapeno whole
  • Pack of 6Specifications
  • Capacity: 27 oz
  • Weight: 13.02 lbs
  • Quality product.
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